Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #19

Wow. If the deaths in this issue actually stick, this will be one hell of a bummer. DnA get right down to business, sending in Kang to correct the ages of Starlord's timelost team (leading to a nice comedic bit with Mantis, Cosmo, and Bug). Kang warns the team that should the Magus control the Fault (a tear in space-time) that the universe could end. Kang comes off fairly straight here, with a legion of Starhawks hanging around to back him up. Starlord and his crew rightfully don't trust him, but they accept a cosmic cube from him and jump back in time to stop Warlock's transformation into the Magus.

Things get nasty after that. Starlord's team jumps in right as Phyla attacks Warlock, so it seems like the deaths from the last few issues were undone. Then there's a vicious fight where more Guardians drop. I'm not sure who died and who survived, but it seems Phyla and Major Victory die for certain. I'm not sure about Mantis and Cosmo. They didn't look good. This cast is enormous, but man, I'd hate to see those great characters get whacked.

Wes Craig is ok, but his style isn't as dynamic as Brad Walker's. He actually does a nice job on the comedic stuff, but his action doesn't carry the same drama as Walker.


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