Monday, November 2, 2009

Justice Society of America #32

I knew it! Last month's cliffhanger declared that Mr. Terrific was dead on the operating table, but it seems that the JSA isn't ready to give up on Mr. T yet. Alan Scott kept his body in stasis to set up a powerful spell from Dr. Fate that may be able to save the ex-chairman. I didn't think they'd kill off such a fantastic character, so I'm happy we'll get the guy back. The team starts investigating the attack and it seems that King Chimera isn't as innocent as he seemed. I still think Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges are throwing out a red herring (I still think All-American Kid is not to be trusted). King Chimera is an elitist jerk, but I'm not convinced he's a killer. One improvement the new writers have made in this book is that they actually let Power Girl act like a team leader. She's tough and confident, and when she gives orders, people better listen. I loved Magog's "I thought you were on my side" when she starts issuing orders. It seems it would be more accurate to say he's on her side!

There isn't a lot of character development time here, but there is a cute little sequence with Hourman and Liberty Belle. When Liberty Belle questions why the bounty hunters aren't after Star Girl, Hourman comments "I don't suppose it's because she's so darn cute!" and Hourman's wife Liberty Belle responds "Oh nice. Not condescending at all." It's a funny scene that gives us a fun glimpse into their relationship.

Jesus Merino still impresses the heck out of me. He's got a great handle on the many costumes showing up here, and the detail is incredible. He takes the time to add in funny stuff like one of the dog-men waving at Blue Moon too, just a minor visual gag that adds to the book. I do think his Power Girl needs a bit longer hair, but she's still cool looking overall.


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