Tuesday, November 3, 2009

G.I. Joe #10

EDITED TO FIX: I mis-labeled this as issue 9, it is actually issue 10. Whoops!

Ok, enough with the slow burn. I'm still digging Chuck Dixon's re-imagining of the GI Joe universe, but I'm ready for some real Cobra action. Much of this issue is spent building up a neat sci-fi HQ for Cobra in the Arctic, complete with mad scientist (in this case a more reasonably dressed Dr. Mindbender). I'm pleased to see Mindbender back, he was always a fantastic character in Hama's old Marvel books. I'm waiting with baited breath for him to start building a super-soldier with a serpent head-piece...
This issue has a nice action sequence as Snake Eyes takes on a Cobra trooper. It ends how we'd all expect, with Snake gutting the fool, but I was surprised how long it took Snake to seal the deal. That guy kept up with the Joes' #1 bad ass for a long time. I am happy that Mainframe and Snake are coming in from the cold, I just hope it isn't an orderly reunion. I'm ready to see some more Joes get involved in the firefight in Springfield.

One storyline is really suffering from a lack of momentum at this point; the main Joe force's investigation into Destro's castle is BORING. The reader has already seen everything that happened there, so I think we're getting too many pages showing us what we already know. I'd much prefer those pages be used to feature some more interesting Joes. (Speaking of which, two made-for-the-comic guys are bagged after their deaths last issue.) I'm ok with killing off unknowns, but why did Dixon kill off Grand Slam in his last issue of GI Joe Origins?

SL Gallant's tells the story nicely. I like his restrained, reasonable Mindbender. There's not a lot of feature time for the other Joes, but he does make that hand-to-hand combat really seem like it could go either way, as I said, surprising for a Snake Eyes fight.


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