Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #2

Well. After I adored the first issue, this one wasn't anywhere near as good. Rick Remender opens the issue with Doctor Voodoo trapped in what I believe is Nightmare's dimension, pursued by some cool frog creatures. Where's the BPRD when you need them? Things got a bit confusing for me when the frog creatures started taking some of Voodoo's totems. I guess Voodoo decided to just leave? He heads back to New Orleans only to find it flooded and overrun with horrific monsters. The city is cut off from the rest of the country, so that explains the lack of Avengers fixing things up, but Voodoo is still able to team up with Damian Hellstrom. Only Hellstrom leads Voodoo to some sort of trap that invites Voodoo into NO. I'm not sure that any of the happenings in this issue ever leave Nightmare's dimension. Things don't really seem to be making sense. I'm not sure why else Hellstrom would act quite this evil.

Remender provides some nice character work in some flashbacks to Voodoo's childhood. Having the cruel ghosts of his parents be the narrators makes everything more upsetting. Voodoo seems to have had a rough time as a kid.

The art is a bit muddier here too. I can respect the dreamlike quality in the story, but it seems to go a bit far. I'm hoping this book picks back up next issue, but so far, it is not living up to the promise of the first issue.


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Mart said...

I found this confusing too. Let's hope #3 returns to the quality of #1.

Those back-up reprints are a hoot, mind.