Thursday, November 26, 2009

Green Lantern #48

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you eating turkey? I'm reading comics!

Interesting. This cover is on the DC site, but I got a much more dramatic one at my store.

This Blackest Night 4.5. If someone were to miss this and still try to read the main series, they'd be missing an awful lot. Geoff Johns does a great job giving the leading lanterns individual voices. Larfleeze is still my favorite, he's just wonderfully greedy. Saint Walker plays an important role as peacekeeper in this weird group, and he works great in the part. He's pretty boring taken on his own, but I loved seeing him try to be accepting and "hopeful" with the savage Atrocitus and the greedy Larfleeze. The page with Walker and Atrocitus kneeling in the dust was the most powerful in the whole issue. Very strong work.

Atrocitus' rejection of Sinestro's alliance was classic too, I hated that red guy when he first showed up, but darn if he isn't growing on me during this crossover. Amazing what giving him some dialogue can do, rather than puking up acid-blood. I'm also worried about what the Guardians will be up to after Blackest Night; Hal sounds serious that he's done following orders.

Hal and Carol actually come off like an old couple here; they are constantly on the same wavelength while dealing with their horrific surroundings. Hal makes some good comments pointing out how ridiculous the rainbow corps is. It's never good when a writer pokes fun at their own concepts, but Johns does handle it well here.

Doug Mahnke's Larfleeze isn't quite as cool as Philip Tans' but it still works. It really isn't fair how great Mahnke is. He draws great heroes, ladies, and monsters. This is the perfect book for him.


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