Friday, November 6, 2009

Secret Six #15

Sometimes you can come home again. John Ostrander returns to Deadshot for a nice little character piece, and he picks up right where he left off. Father Craemer even plays an important role in trying to help Deadshot deal with his current obsession with killing. Deadshot never minds killing, but now it is all he can think about. Deadshot and Craemer take a nice little walk down memory lane, hitting on Deadshot's past, both personal and "professional." I never knew that Deadshot made a brief (and fake) attempt at being a popular hero, but I always like seeing the contrast of Deadshot and Batman. Having Deadshot's current crisis of conscience relate to Batman's death is an interesting take on the situation. The best part is how Deadshot deals with it; he likes Craemer's analysis, and that's good enough for him, case closed. Craemer naturally wants to continue their counseling and get DS real help, but we all know that's not what Floyd Lawton wants.

Jim Caliafore's pencils are decent. There are some weird proportions at times, most obviously during Batman's big appearance; he has tiny arms. But he gets the point across.


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