Wednesday, October 3, 2012

X-Men Legacy #274

Now that’s pretty funny. After two or three issues in that alien dimension, it gets a one-panel mention in this issue. That panel is actually recapping AvX!

Fortunately, Christos Gage gets to refocus the title on the bigger X-universe. Rogue and Magneto have a pretty complicated history, but that’s really unnecessary here. The focus is on the future, determining if this power couple is going to make a go of it. Personally, I’ve always much preferred Gambit and Rogue as a couple, Magneto’s just too old and creepy. Rogue doesn’t say as much here, but you know she’s thinking it.

Rogue and Magneto are dealing with a collapsed subway, where Magneto’s powers aren’t too useful under all that concrete and plastic. Rogue absorbs the specializations of a bunch of bystanders, and the two of them head down without super-strength or mastery of magnetism. It’s an interesting backdrop, allowing the couple to discuss their relationship in context with a dying commuter. I always enjoy more fighting than talking, but Gage does a nice job putting a bow on this relationship.

David Baldeon makes some interesting choices with the art. Magneto looks downright evil in a lot of these panels, especially in the moment after Rogue gives him his decision. Baldeon continues to draw kids better than adults, with everyone’s faces looking a tad too cartoony for me.


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