Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AvX: Consequences #1

I’ve seen other reviewers who didn’t care for this, but as a Cyclops fan, I’m enjoying it. The issue is a bit light on action, instead, we see Kieron Gillen concentrate on cleaning up after his Extinction Team. I haven’t read his Uncanny X-Men run yet, but I appreciate that the characters are getting a send-off.

Cyclops is in a privately-run jail. The owners are out to prove that they can incarcerate mutants, and Cyke makes a pretty compelling test case. The poor guy spends most of the issue moping and getting knocked around, but I have hope. Really, the only out for Cyke is for him to really become the new Magneto, and I think I’m OK with that.

Magneto, Colossus, and Magik are all on the run, whereabouts unknown. I still don’t like Iron Man being part of a strike team to take down Magneto (he’s partnered up with Captain Marvel); surely there are other power-house characters to go up against the master of magnetism?

Namor is taking refuge in Atlantis. He could be set up in a more antagonistic role too; he does a morally dubious country at his disposal after all. Hope is hanging with the Avengers. Cap offers her a place on the team, but I’m sure he’s talking about his low-level team; you know, the one with Alex Summers leading it. Hope declines, opting instead for a normal life. In Marvel, that means she’d go to class with Richard Rider or take classes from Peter Parker, but I don’t’ think she’ll even get that chance. I imagine she’ll be on an X-Men team by lunchtime.

The only other item to note is the current status of the Black Panther/Storm marriage. It seems T’Challa is holding a grudge against all mutants. When Wolvie tries to come aid Wakanda, T’Challa sends them packing. Too bad. I never loved the marriage, but I hate it when couples get broken up.

Tom Raney is a capable artist, but he does better when he gets to draw costumes. There are a lot of civilians in this one, and while they are recognizable, I miss the suits. I do like the design and look of Cyclops’ ruby-quartz helmet.


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