Thursday, October 11, 2012

Uncanny Avengers #1

Rick Remender continues pumping out solid, action-packed comic books. This time, he’s paired up with an A-list artist; I’d say this probably will be his biggest debut ever. It’s a good first impression, with lots of action, snappy dialogue, and an evil, evil villain.

It’s interesting that Marvel has refocused Captain America as the stern Dad of the Marvel U. Listen, I’m a huge Cap fan, he’s my favorite character, but he sure comes off as a sanctimonious jerk these days. Say what you will about Cyclops, but Cap should at least see where he was coming from. Instead, Cap calmly strolls in and recruits an X-Man to graduate to the big leagues. The mutants don’t pick their own poster child; instead, Dad-Cap decides that Havok makes the most sense to lead a new team. That takes a lot of nerve.

Havok is interesting. I’m having a hard time getting a vibe off him. He certainly seems mad at his brother, but that’s nothing new. I’m not sure he’d be quite so uncomfortable getting called up to the majors, but there is a certain amount of awkwardness that I like.

One of the stronger scenes is the Rogue vs. Scarlet Witch showdown. I hope Remender continues giving the wronged mutants a voice. Rogue has every right to be a bit miffed after AvX, so I’m firmly in her corner. Scarlet Witch is making excuses, and she takes a bit less responsibility than I would have expected. The new idea that Cyclops didn’t have mutants best interests at heart (voiced by multiple characters, including SW) is an interesting one. It should be proven false quickly, though.

Thor doesn’t have a lot to do, other than a few lines of dialogue and a wee bit of smashing. Wolverine just delivers a eulogy; pretty darn sedate for the hairy little scrapper.

John Cassady is fantastic, of course. I mean, he makes Avalanche look awesome. Avalanche! I do like that the unlettered preview pages made it seem like Cyke was the one getting lobotomized, but no, poor Avalanche is a pawn of the Red Skull. Is that Masque hanging out with the Skull or someone new? I like the design of the Skull’s new flunkies, there is a lot of potential there.

And Skull? You are one sick puppy.


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