Saturday, October 13, 2012

Secret Warriors: Night HC

The stuff hits the fan in this volume of Secret Warriors. (It makes me laugh reading it; doesn’t this story already feel really old?)With Hydra and Leviathan battling it out with Nick Fury’s undercover teams, there is just a lot going on. I really do appreciate Hickman’s level of detail and dedication to the history of the Marvel U. But I’m totally swamped. Perhaps it is because I’m reading the trades with big gaps between, but I can’t remember who half these people are.

I’m still not happy about the Contessa turning out to be evil, but there’s still time for that to be reversed. Madame Hydra looks awesome with that giant octopus on her head, but I sort of liked Viper the way she was. Hickman’s take on Strucker is classic and right in line with the character’s history, and I really dig Gorgon’s use. Mark Millar can sometimes be over the top with his characters, so its fun seeing another writer keeping it consistent.

This collection features a bunch of deaths. The biggest is Phobos, Ares’ son and the team’s youngest member. It stinks, but Hickman gives us a nice goodbye for the character as he’s reunited with his father. And you know those gods never stay dead. JT James/Hellfire also gets it, but as we don’t get a body, I don’t believe he’s gone for a second. He shouldn’t be. While he made some terrible choices, his treatment at the hands of Nick Fury sure makes for a good potential villain. The other mass of death consists of Mikel Fury’s team. I appreciate that Hickman came up with an origin for all these guys, and then promptly gutted them. Again, I could see one or two possibly surviving (especially the siblings that can clone themselves!)

The collection features artists I’m not too familiar with. Mirko Colak, Alessandro Vitti, and David Marquez all do a decent job with the storytelling, but some of the characters seem off-model. Baron Strucker and Quake are barely recognizable, for instance. Vitti does solid work, but his style is very similar to Jim Calafiore, who can handle action a bit more clearly. I do really like Marquez’s facial expressions. His characters all seem unique, which makes their fate even more effective.


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