Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Secret Avengers #32

Rick Remender does a nice job with that classic problem: how to make a bad guy so powerful that it is a huge threat, but still one that the heroes can overcome? The clues have been there all along, but I still had no idea how Ant-Man and Venom were going to overcome the new, enormous Masters of Evil along with the subverted Avengers.

Black Widow makes a game of it, but she’s just overmatched by the Null-possessed Hawkeye and Octopus Man. (Seriously, has this guy been named yet?????) While the scene on the cover never actually happens and is in fact impossible, it is a great sequence as the two super-spies face off. It’s also neat seeing the jets line up on the possessed plane; it’s a good reminder that for all the heroes’ power, the military can still weigh in on these conflicts.

Meanwhile, Ant-Man and Venom are doing their best. When they have to face the Wrecking Crew and the U-Foes, their chances are not so good. There are a couple more scenes with Vengeance spouting off great dialogue too. Was he this entertaining back in the 90’s?

Remender’s enormous Masters of Evil line-up has been quite enjoyable, and I’d love to see some incarnation of it continue. Maybe get Baron Zemo around to give them some organization, maybe.

Eventually, Flash Thompson (clearly still a pet character for Remender) gets everything wrapped up thanks to some quick comic-book thinking, and the day is saved. The Avengers recover the different artifacts and the team is freed. Black Widow has the good sense to bring up some long-lasting suspicions about Ant-Man, but Hawkeye is not in the mood. Hawk isn’t usually this moody, but he’s oddly detached in the closing scenes. Captain Britain warns of another Descendant plot and Black Widow is worried about a spy, but Hawkeye just wants to go to sleep. Listen buddy, maybe it’s time to call in some reserves if taking a rest is more important than saving the world!

Matteo Scalera continues his solid work. His lines are still just a bit too scratchy for me. While it works well on folks like Venom or Taskmaster, it doesn’t work on everyone. The choreography for the plane battle is well-done; I enjoy the action-movie feel of the entire sequence.

Seriously, what is Octopus Man’s name?


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