Sunday, October 7, 2012

Captain America #637

So that’s what’s up with all those Kashmir Vennemas. I figured the Black Widow we got last issue wasn’t “our” Natasha Romanov, and I was right. Kashmir is somehow capturing and selling heroes from alternate dimensions, and the Secret Empire in Marvel’s main universe is buying. I’m excited, based on that concept and some of the upcoming covers I’ve seen, I think Cap and Widow will be teaming up with cool, alternate versions of some of my faves.

Then things go south, the Kashmir brigade dumps their product and our heroes in a random dimension. Black Widow and Cap get along famously, of course (weren’t they an item back in the Avengers title for awhile?), and they should form a good core for a new team on this alternate Earth. It certainly looks like a War of the Worlds situation, and I have no complaints about that. If I’ve read a comic, that should mean that some of the awakened alternate heroes will choose to stay in this world and try to improve it at the close of this arc. We’ll see if I’m close!

Francesco Francavilla’s style is simple to the point of cartoony, and it’s a perfect fit for most comics. I can see how he wouldn’t be everyone’s favorite, but I love the simple lines, bright splashes of color, and heavy ink lines. This issue looks like a bit of a rush, there aren’t too many backgrounds, but at least the colorist covered it through a heavy use of red ink.


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