Friday, October 26, 2012

Hawkeye #3

Matt Fraction is awfully close to the ledge with his take on Hawkeye. There are enough “classic” elements to keep me coming back, this time with the use of Hawkeye’s awesome trick arrows. Now, Fraction sets them up as a joke, and everyone in the book is in on it, but Hawkeye has the same affection for those silly things as I do, so overall, the concept goes in the “win” column. I’m worried that the level of costume-mocking going on here might bode ill for the future, though.

Some of the other elements are not working for me. I don’t like the “chemistry” Hawkeye has with the teenaged Kate Bishop. It’s a tad too inappropriate and while I appreciate that Hawk is trying to dial it back, it’s still pretty skeevy.

I’m not sure Hawkeye has ever been a big car guy in the past; I always thought he was a motorcycle guy? That’s not a big deal, but giving Hawkeye a huge wad of cash to pay out for anything he desires does change the character a bit. I’m still undecided on the Russian mafia too. The tracksuits, the mini-coopers, they are almost a bit too silly to be taken seriously.

I still enjoy David Aja’s art, but darn if I didn’t wish he was drawing Hawkeye in his real costume. I know this is my problem; Hawkeye is clearly going to be Jeremy Renner-inspired for years to come. This is not my preferred version of the character. But if it’s my only choice, I’ll just have to deal.


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