Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wolverine & the X-Men #18

I like that cover. Cyclops does not appreciate horseplay, children!

Ouch. I just started reading this title with the AvX issues, but I plan on catching up. But I’m guessing from online reaction that the character that dies in this one is a fan-favorite? I mean, I would never trust the guy, knowing what I do about his background, but that’s still a rough call to have him go down like that. We may get lulled into a false sense of safety, but we must not forget that Jason Aaron is the man who wrote Scalped and Punisher MAX. This writer enjoys hurting us!

This issue tries to do a lot of things. It transitions from the closing hours of AvX to the conclusion, and it tries to re-focus on the Hellfire Club story that will continue next month. Kitty Pride and most of the teachers get to focus on AvX, while the students are being lined up by the Club. Seeing Idie change so drastically is upsetting, but I’m betting the big death this is a temporary thing. She’s got to get re-set to her normal self after this.

Husk has got some weirdness going on, but I’m confused by her in general these days. I suppose I’ll never come around that even the Generation X characters have grown up. But they are what? Two “classes” back for the X-Men now? Glob Herman is not going to make any friends with his actions, but I’m glad to see Quentin Quire fitting in so well. That’s probably a bit strong, but he might make a good X-Man someday!

Jorge Molina does nice work, almost making his work look like Nick Bradshaw at times. His Stepford Cuckoos in particular stand out as a strong take. And I’ll take any Doop I can get, especially if he’s going to keep pimping on Warbird. I wonder if she told Quicksilver about her regular buddy Doop?


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