Monday, October 29, 2012

Batman Inc. #4

Yee haw! Grant Morrison still writes comics that remind me what I love about the DCU. Batman/Matches Malone gathers up his Batman Incorporated allies for a major strike on the League of Assassins. The only really recognizable member (and real threat) is Merlyn the archer, but even he is no match for this many Batmen. Hood, El Gaucho, Nightwing, and more all show up for some sweet crowd scenes. Hood and El Gaucho actually get some time to themselves to banter and show off, as does Batwing. I’m glad Batwing handles such an important task; I like the idea of an armored bat-dude who uses a lot of tech.

Wingman’s secret wasn’t obvious to me, but that’s mostly because I selectively delete this character out of almost everything he appears in. I didn’t like him around in the real DCU that we still see in this title, and I sure don’t care about him in the DCnU. So while I appreciate the swerve, I wasn’t in love with it. I do like that Morrison is confusing his son Damien so much. That poor kid is going to be messed up forever from all the manipulations his parents put him through.

What can you say about Chris Burnham? Like a few other recent artists, he’s got a fantastic blend of famous artistic styles. His art just sings off the page during the combat scenes, with the Hood and Gaucho’s sequence stealing the show. Look at the different ways the Batmen move, with Wingman’s haughty, arrogant walk. Look at the detail in the panels, the books on the shelves in the background while the characters are duking it out in the foreground. This thing is just gorgeous.



Arion said...

I've been following Morrison since his 2000AD days. I'm a fan. And Burnham is an amazing artist, he keeps improving month after month. Great blog, man, I really like it. I think you should check out mine (it's all about comics).


Timbotron said...

Just subscribed!