Monday, October 8, 2012

Avengers Academy #38

This issue is a perfect microcosm of Christos Gage’s series in general. It’s packed with perfect character moments where the true voices of the characters shine through. From Wolverine to Tigra to Doop, everyone sounds right. It’s a pleasure to get to see characters rub shoulders with folks they usually don’t. Hawkeye and Iceman? Of course they would get along! Mettle and Rockslide? Again, perfect. Gage is so good at nailing the voice of all these Marvel mainstays, I’m bummed we won’t get more of it in Marvel Now.

That said, this issue has all the weaknesses of the run too. In the amusing interaction between Wolverine and Giant Man, we see the series’ greatest weakness. Gage has the voices of the characters down, and they act appropriately. They make a sort of uneasy peace after Giant Man slammed Wolverine out of a plane in AvX. But I’m certain that Bendis and the other top dogs at Marvel have no idea about this interaction. Gage is once again picking up pieces that happened in “more important” books.

It’s too bad, because it is a great idea to have the two super-hero schools compete in a football game. Tom Grummett draws the heck out of it. I love Tigra’s electricity-inspired afro. X-23 may have lost the sports bra, but the long sleeves make a lot more sense.


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