Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Batman Inc. #0

I love that Grant Morrison just gets to ignore the reboot. He stated as much at Morrisoncon over the weekend, and you can see its true here. The Club of Heroes, the Black Glove, everything that was in Batman’s history is still there.

Interestingly, this is co-plotted by Grant Morrison and regular artist Chris Burnham, with Frazer Irving providing his fantastic art. As is typical in Morrison’s current work, this issue hops locations and times to great effect. We already know who joins Batman’s big team, but with this flashback we actually see the invites. It’s a great glimpse into a lot of characters that don’t get a lot of screen time. I always enjoy Knight and Squire, and Man-of-Bats is just great. Making his a loquacious speaker just makes him cooler!

I also appreciate Morrison tying in the original support system utilized by Batman: trusty butler Alfred.

Frazer Irving’s moody artwork works in just about everything. He’s a great fit for the Bat family. There are a ton of characters in this, and they all look fantastic.


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