Friday, January 13, 2012

Villains for Hire #2

Once again I’m struck by what a niche concept this book is. Who the heck asked for a title starring Misty Knight and the Purple Man? With most of the dialogue supplied by luminaries like Tiger Shark and Bombshell? Heck, isn’t Bombshell one of the Death Throws? That makes TWO Hawkeye villains regulars in this series (including Crossfire.) I totally understand why Marvel cut this book down by a few issues.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to love it while we’ve got it.

I love hearing more from Tiger Shark! Purple Man? Why not hear more about his hopes and dreams! Factor in a mysterious and worrisome new attitude from Misty Knight, and this is a pretty dang entertaining comic.

I’m a tad annoyed that Scourge is a new guy, why not just keep him Nuke like he was in the recent Thunderbolts? (That tells me Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are going to kill him during this mini.) I wouldn’t argue with more Avalanche, Nightshade, or Shocker, either. They are fun villains we rarely see, so hopefully they will get some panels soon. I also think it’s a smart move for DnA to include Paladin; that gives the reader at least one “good guy” to support with Misty acting so strangely.

Renato Arlem is doing a solid job with the art, although he has a tendency to look a bit traced. I’m not positive, but some of the panels sure look like they’re photographs or really traced. It’s not awful, I like his costume design and his art does look like snapshots taken in the middle of a fight. (His Speed Demon is really nice. I think I know a sketch I need this summer!)


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