Friday, January 27, 2012

Avengers #21

It is always important to let your characters get their butts kicked so that the villains can live up to their reps. Bendis has always loved laying out the Avengers, usually so a guest-star can come in and take care of business. I'm not sure who would ride to the rescue here. Nick Fury, maybe? I'm also trying to remember where Quake went. She's part of the permanent team now, correct? But I don't see her on any of the action teams that get picked off throughout the issue. Maybe she'll save the day?

I really like the HAMMER agents using combined abilities of the Avengers, but there is going to have to be some limitations, or technically these guys should take over the world pretty quickly. Maybe the treatments kill the recipient or something?

I also have to point out the fun sequence where Spider-Woman tries to pretend she's still an undercover Hydra agent. It's worth a try!

It's interesting, Renato Guedes' art typically looks a little more solid than it does in this issue. I'm not sure if it is the inker or if this was a rush job, but there are definitely some panels that look a bit... uneven. It's actually odd, because it is especially noticeable on the divided pages that close out the book. Sometimes Maria Hill looks awesome, then her eyes are bugging out two panels later, and it is the same with Cap and the Vision.


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Martin Gray said...

Sounds like a typically iffy issue. I expect Brian Bendis simply forgot about Quake.