Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #677

This must be crossover week for me. Here's another issue that I normally would wait-for-the-trade on, but since regular Daredevil writer Mark Waid is tying into that book, I decided to branch out and check in on Spidey again.

I've got to lead with the art. I'm not normally a fan of Emma Rios' scratchy artwork, it's just too "indie" for me. But it actually works in this one; I'm especially impressed at how well she handles the aerial acrobatics from DD, Spidey, and the Black Cat. The character's don't look as great in their civilian IDs, but man, you can't question the grace as those folks glide over the city.

I'm not sure who the villain will be in this storyline, but it seems Waid has again struck on a story that would work for anyone, but is perfect for Daredevil. DD's radar sense is the perfect foil for the hologram-based baddies that would have given Spidey a real run for his money.

And it is always nice to see the Black Cat showing up. It seems like she always used to be chasing Spidey around. I love the return to the original status quo; sure, she thinks Spidey's a nice guy, but when he gets too normal and desperate? Blech.

This issue is filled with an interesting mystery, well-written guest-stars, and witty banter. Good, solid stuff.


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