Monday, January 9, 2012

Justice League International #5

So I was in a comic store with a few extra bucks this weekend, and Mart’s ringing endorsement of this comic (combined with my love of Booster Gold) convinced me to give this one more try. It’s a good call.

Dan Jurgens knows super-heroes. It’s as simple as that. He’s been putting together classic (not formulaic, although they are a bit) super-stories for years. He knows how to make us care about this new team, even when we know nothing of the characters in the new 52.

Booster is the leader who needs to win his team over; who actually does his best work when teamed with his rival Guy Gardner. Godiva is the rookie with potential, but she’s got the sassy attitude to cover up her nervousness. Ice, Fire, and the rest of the gang haven’t gotten featured yet, but they are all competent heroes who use their powers in logical ways.

Peraxxus isn’t going to win any awards for originality; he’s basically a low-budget Galactus with a staff. That said, his boredom at dealing with Earth does make him interesting. In issues 4 and 5 he must make the same comment about speeding up to his process three times. And it’s not because he’s worried, rather he’s annoyed at the JLI’s useless attempts to stop him.

I wanted to exit the new 52, but I think I’ll keep a toe in the water with this book.

Aaron Lopresti has the clean, bright style I love in my super-comics. I still don’t love the designs on most of the new 52, but at least those stupid grooves don’t look to noticeable in this comic. Give Booster back a collar and maybe I’ll be able to stop complaining about his look.



Always Right said...

So you did like this title after your hesitation on Saturday....

Timbotron said...

And now I know your secret identity!

SWartStudio said...

This is one of the DC books I'm holding onto, for sure. Check out issue #4 for more spotlights on the other characters. The motivations for joining the team of Fire and Vixen are explained.