Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Avengers Solo #3

I fully admit that I'm a bit of a simpleton, and I'm afraid that is hurting me with this comic. Jen Van Meter is laying out a fairly simple mystery, but she's layering a ton of new characters into the equation. I'm afraid I can barely tell who any of the folks are in this book. Normally that wouldn't really get to me, but Hawkeye's involvement hinges on a dramatic vote between the supporting characters, and I don't remember them well enough to know or care how each of them votes.

When the book is full of action (especially involving Trapster), I'm fine. I still don't understand who the villainess is, but I think that's ok. I falter more when Hawkeye starts questioning those supporting characters and he starts putting clues together, that's when I get lost. Maybe it is just like Hawk says in this issue, "This detective stuff takes more time than I thought."

I'll take any Hawkeye stories I can get, but I have to say I found it a bit easier to connect to Jim McCann's WCA-style take in the last couple series.

Where the heck did Roger Robinson get to? I was loving his art on the first two issues, and while Al Barrionuevo's art is tightened up by a strong inker (Raul Lopez), it isn't as strong as Robinson's. Trace really needs a little something extra to make her costume pop. It was fine when she was just a generic villain, but now that we're supposed to be getting attached, we need that comic-shorthand ability to recognize her from a symbol or something else that has an iconic feel.


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