Friday, January 20, 2012

Green Lantern #5

It’s pretty amazing that Geoff Johns is still writing such compelling stuff featuring the cosmic nonsense of the Green Lantern Corps. I mean, when Sinestro revealed that over-taxing a GL ring can destroy it, it made sense, but when Sinestro reveals that he’s done it before on multiple occasions, I just smiled. Clearly, even as a villain, Sinestro is twice the hero Hal Jordan has ever been.

It makes sense that Hal and Sinestro would have to clean up the Sinestro Corps. There is no way to even tease a redemption for Sinny if he’s got his army of psycho killers wandering around. Johns cleans up that mess nicely, leaving a solid explanation of why we might occasionally see other Yellow Lanterns like Arkillo in other books. I’m happy the yellow guys are taking a step back, after months and years of Rainbow Corps based stories, I’ll be glad when the core GL book can look at some other sci-fi ideas.

It’s also worth noting that once again, Hal is missing his lantern ring, but at least he seems to have put his priorities straight and gone back to Carol Ferris. I suppose it is too much to hope for that we might see some role reversal as Carol continues operating as a heroic Star Sapphire while Hal gets to wait behind and worry?

Doug Mahnke’s art remains consistent. Even his gore is alien-looking enough that a split Sinestro Corps member wasn’t too bad. And his ability to make Sinestro look striking and heroic is inspiring. Got to love all those square jaws.


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