Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swamp Thing #5

What an absolutely horrific comic. If the cover wasn’t a good enough clue (my seven-year-old daughter spotted it on the rack and asked “Ewww, what is that?”), this is one violent comic. I’m amused that we’re this far into the series and Alec Holland still isn’t Swamp Thing. He at least manifests the ability to quick-grow some plants to take on the Rot, which gives him an easy win over Abigail Arcane’s freaking brother. I’m not even complaining, it’s just an observation that Scott Snyder has somehow crafted a brilliant series about a guy who likes plants.

Snyder does deliver on all that chemistry for Alex and Abby, at least.

Oh my lord, Yanick Paquette’s art. I don’t know if it is the horrifying triple-heads on the pig-beast and the cow-monster, or the slaughterhouse gore dripping off them. Maybe it’s the awful almost-pig and almost-cow sounds they make while snuffling around trying to kill our protagonists? Either way, this would make one hell of a TV show or horror film. That image of the piggy sniffing around for Alec in the store won’t soon leave me.


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Martin Gray said...

Oink, snort!

(Translation - wonderful book, my only niggle being that Abby's kid brother doesn't sound like a kid any more).