Thursday, January 26, 2012

Avenging Spider-Man #3

Man, Zeb Wells writes a good Spidey. Web-head has always been down on his luck, but man, the new villain who “killed” Red Hulk sure lays a beatdown on Spidey in this one. Supposedly, this is a Marvel Team-Up style book and the first guest-star was the Red Hulk, but man, let’s face facts: J Jonah Jameson was really the guest star in these first three issues. Red Hulk spends all but a few pages in this issue on his back! It’s all worth it though, just to see how mad Red Hulk is about Spidey out-doing him and ending the subterranean invasion that Rulk couldn’t stop.

JJJ and Spidey spend about half the issue bickering, with most of the other pages full of Spidey getting knocked around. (It seems Joe Mad is one of the artists who feels Spidey’s eyes are made out of plastic, there’s some good shattering going on here.) I absolutely love the panel with the sad moloids. Never under-estimate the cuteness of moloid children when they cry or suck their thumbs.

Ra’ktar may be beaten, but he’s certainly not out. This guy gave Rulk and Spidey more than they could handle, and he may be heading home for now, but that grin he shoots Rulk sure makes it seem like he’ll be back.

I don’t think Joe Madureira is getting a lot of inking help, some of these panels look downright soft. But others look fully rendered and nice, and he can still do action like few others. I would have loved to see a few more panels with more Avengers, his Spider-Woman and Iron Man look great.

(I’m still grateful for that digital copy to offset the extra dollar in price, too.)


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