Sunday, January 22, 2012

Invincible #87

Dag. Mark Grayson has been missing from the pages of Invincible for too long. While I love the supporting cast and world that Robert Kirkman has created in this title, Invincible’s name is on the cover, and the book is better when he’s in it.

I absolutely love Dinosaurus. He’s such an insane concept, a world-changing environmentalist villain who is now influencing the most powerful hero on the Earth. Plus his name is Dinosaurus! I always love seeing the Guardians of the Globe show up, and Robot actually got to talk tough for a minute before Mark and Dino blew him off. I can’t imagine anyone is going to be able to give those two a run for their money.

I’m also enjoying the continuing subplots from the world Mark left behind. When he zoomed off to become a world-changer, he left his business in the hands of Atom Eve by herself. Judging from upcoming covers, I think Bulletproof will take over soon, but for now, it’s neat seeing Atom Eve trying to keep things running. And Cecil popping back in for a reasonable chat was great too.

Of course, that last page is the real shocker. My sense of pacing must be off in comics right now. I never would have guessed that Kirkman would go back to this particular plot so quickly. I’m thrilled to see it, but I’m still surprised.

It’s wonderful to have Ryan Ottley back on art. This is his book now, and everything looks better when he’s on pencils. (Not that Cory Walker is bad, but Ottley is brilliant.) It’s interesting that Ottley (or Kirkman) decided to change Atom Eve’s look the way they have. She’s not ugly, but she’s not the slim-hipped, top-heavy style lady we see in every other comic. It’s a neat choice. I’d love to know the thinking that went into that choice.


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Newmie Newmz said...

It still makes me laugh when I hear people refe to her as Fatom Eve.