Thursday, January 5, 2012

Batman #4

Dang, Scott Snyder writes a good Batman. What I'm finding with this DCnU relaunch is that I don't feel the same loyalty towards characters I did before, but good stories still stand out. Snyder's Batman is iconic and powerful, and doesn't contradict anything we've seen before. Sure, Greg Capullo's Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson look too young, but that's a small complaint for such action-packed artwork.

The bulk of this issue fleshes out the Court of Owls. It's tough to make a fictional nursery rhyme seem real (and ominous), but Snyder pulls it off magnificently. The combination of moody flashback and CSI-style autopsy make it work. How horrifying is it to find out that your relative died from many tiny stab wounds rather than drowning in sewage? It's a rough way to go either way, and just a tiny bit of detail that makes this comic a great blend of mystery and action.

And what a cliffhanger! Talon is a great addition to Gotham's rogues, and I love the Court of Owls' needlessly complicated deathtrap for Batman.

As I mentioned, Capullo's artwork really sells the action. His helmet-style cowl is rapidly becoming one of my favorite bat-looks. He even manages to cover up those silly grooves that are a requirement in the DCnU.


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