Sunday, January 8, 2012

Secret Avengers #20

Man, Warren Ellis is pretty good at this done-in-one thing, isn’t he? Once again, the newest issue of Secret Avengers checks the boxes of a classic Marvel comic while still bringing in a ton of new ideas and concepts.

Time-travel is an old standby in comics, but rarely do we see the level of detail that the Black Widow leads us through this issue. When the SA team is dropped by some baddies, War Machine hands off a macguffin to send the Widow back in time to try and save the team. Turns out that’s a multi-part task, with BW force to not only save the team, but actually create the time-travel device that she’s going to end up using.

It’s all a tad mind-bending, but I think the logic carries through. In the end, Widow has to hide just how close things went to going bad, the rest of the team never knows. And it’s a good thing she doesn’t age, because she lost months of her life lining everything up just right.

I don’t love that killing has become so commonplace for all the Avengers these days. BW is a spy, but man, but killing used to be a big deal for the team.

Alex Maleev’s art is solid, but definitely skews more towards a spy book than I’m used to in an Avengers comic. I dig a little more color in my super-stories, but I can’t complain at how well he portrays the workman-like task that Black Widow has to plow through.


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