Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #5

Can someone make a call so that Martian Manhunter can be transferred over to this title? Peter Tomasi clearly likes the big lug, and it doesn't seem that J'onn had any sort of real role over in Stormwatch. Even giving him a ring wouldn't make him that much more powerful, and at this point, I think the Manhunter is a better fit on this team.

As for this issue, I really enjoyed Tomasi's use of the hardened vets in the Mean Machine. The long history of the corps is perfect for pulling out whatever type of vet is necessary, so rather than question why I haven't seen these guys before, I'm just happy to see more background roles fill up. I do think that at least two of those guys will die next issue, just because their creased, experienced faces all look too much alike. Gotta thin the herd a bit to make them stand out.

Tomasi is also doing a nice job giving his new featured lanterns a bit of spotlight. I like Sheriff, and Hannu always steals every scene he's in. Brik is a great carryover from the olden days too. Perhaps this will be a new Mean Machine?

And man, will the Guardians ever stop screwing people over? Once again, the Keepers and their fairly justifiable revenge are tied into sins committed by those blue jerks, and I can't say I'm surprised. It's a little too late to build up a lot of quality hate for the leader of the Keepers, but if he keeps torturing John Stewart, he'll be off to a good start.

So I'm not sure, but I guess Fernando Pasarin based the Mean Machine members on old action stars? Is it Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin there, or am I searching too hard? I'm not complaining, as I said, the corps is the perfect place for any stock cop-types.


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