Thursday, August 18, 2011

Walking Dead #88

This remains a great comic, and it remains hard to review! Robert Kirkman keeps the hits coming, but he's a bit kinder to Carl that I thought he would be. Amnesia is such a cliche, but it does lead to some great dramatic moments. I was sure we were in for issue upon issue of Rick having to explain to his son that Carl's Mom is dead, that the world is overrun, that society is done, etc. Instead, while Carl blanked on his Mom for a moment, he seems to remember most of the other stuff going on. Carl has a neat reaction to the big news too; he's not shocked, it is like he already grieved, so while his brain didn't remember, he already went through the grieving process. Of course, the other option is that Carl is emotionally damaged more than we think, which is a scarier thought.

Abraham is such a fun character. He's such a galoot, wandering around cursing and acting like a tough guy, but he's quick to back up his friends when they need it. When Rick explains his need to get out of the Community, Abraham immediately backs him up.

Does anyone else worry that Andrea is going to have to kill herself a stalker in an issue or two? That might not go well for the developing mutiny either.

Charlie Adlard's consistent work still looks great.

Ugh. So hard to review such a stable comic.


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