Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daredevil #2

Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint editor Stephen Wacker, so yes, this issue isn't as good as issue #1. But it is still dang good.

The issue kicks off with a well choreographed and exciting fight between Daredevil and Captain America. I'm not sure it totally makes sense that Cap would be so gung ho, but Mark Waid does a nice job laying out the reasons that Cap has to take a moment before giving DD a chance to clear his name. The best shot in the fight has to be the moment the heroes re-acquire some weapons, but not how you'd expect. It's a neat moment that highlights how similar the characters are. The scene also reminded me of the fantastic DD/Cap fight from the Streets of Poison story arc in the 90s. These guys work well together as partners and opponents.

Waid does a nice job setting up the ongoing plot too, and his first villain is a doozy. Mark Waid's take on DD's radar sense is brilliant, and this opponent is of course, a tremendous challenge for DD to face.

Pablo River is still doing a bang-up job. He makes everything seem dynamic, even the long conversation DD has with a lawyer while hanging out on a ledge.


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