Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Backlash

How crazy is it that a series like Backlash had 32 issues, but stuff like Agents of Atlas and Captain Britain can't get close to that? What a world!

In any case, as I consolidate my many longboxes into one continuous run (rather than splitting by publisher), Backlash popped up on my radar. Let's see if I need to keep any of them...

Backlash #4 - I must have picked this up because of the Wetworks guest-appearance. Well, Wetworks already got cut, so I don't think this is going to make it! SELL

Backlash #16 - Grabbed because Grifter was on the cover, no doubt. This was terrible, most of the issue has the heroes fighting a giant green guy they met randomly at a bar. SELL

Backlash #17 & 18 - Stormwatch! But Stormwatch plays the heavies here, and they are pretty moronic too. These are some great examples of mid-90's Image, filled with tough-guy talk and ladies with no clothes. SELL

Backlash #19 & 20 - I'm going to hold off and read these when I re-read the Fire from Heaven crossover. KEEP (for now)

Backlash & Spider-Man #2 - I don't think there is a background drawn in this whole comic. I'm not a big Brett Booth fan, so even though his Spidey looks decent, this has got to go. SELL

Backlash & Taboo: African Holiday - Booth draws some decent dinosaurs, but he also enjoys tiny swimsuits. I can't make myself care about this one... SELL

KEEP: Fire from Heaven crossover
SELL: Everything else

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