Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avengers Academy #14

At this point, it is simply not fair to compare DC comics to Marvel. Take this issue of Marvel's Avengers Academy.

You've got personal drama between the students as Veil, Mettle, and Hazmat struggle with their actions while fighting off the "Nazi robots or mechs" last issue.

The book ties into a greater Marvel U storyline, but in a contained way. I'm not reading Fear Itself, but everything I need to know about Absorbing Man and Titania is in this issue.

There are ties to previous storylines, specifically Hank Pym's Infinite Mansions created during the Mighty Avengers era. (Although I don't like the IM's chances of making it through the next issue intact!)

And there's humor. What teenage boy wouldn't miss some of Tigra's message when she's delivering her lectures in a tiny bikini?

Christos Gage is putting on a storytelling demonstration. He's crossing the t's and dotting the i's of a company crossover, but he's keeping the focus where it belongs, on his core cast. This is simply one of the strongest titles out there.

Sean Chen's art certainly doesn't hurt. His classic style has long belonged in an Avengers title, and I'm happy he's found a regular home in this book. His facial expressions aren't quite up to the level of Mike McKone, but his action might be stronger.


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