Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Captain America Corps #2

Looks like I missed this one last week, it was in pile of “to-be read” and it turns out I actually read it! That’s easy to think, because not a whole lot happens in this issue. Roger Stern does start rolling out his new villains, and I do like them, but this is still a fairly generic alternate reality story. The Elder of the Universe does get named here (The Contemplator), and this is worth it just for the Ameridroid and Americop appearances. I guess this alternate world formed because without Captain America, the Avengers never formed and things took a dramatically different turn.

I still like the core concept, and seeing John Walker as USAgent is always a pleasure. I do think one more cap-clone would have been fun. I wish we could have seen the little-used Battlestar!

Phil Briones’ art is fine, he’s got a texture to his pencils that reminds of Phil Jimenez or Dave Ross, only not quite as polished. I do like the designs for the alternate world’s “heroes.”


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