Monday, August 15, 2011

Booster Gold #47

And now we say farewell to Booster Gold. After taking out Doomsday is a pretty easy fashion (with a lot of help), Booster finally gets to do what I’ve been waiting for: team up with Barry Allen. As the only two heroes who know how things are supposed to be, you’d think they would have had more than two pages to team-up before blasting Booster back to Vanishing Point. I mean, this really didn’t elevate Booster much at all, Barry wasn’t even that happy to see someone who hadn’t had their head screwed around!

I suppose the lack of Booster’s involvement stems from the need to have Saint Barry do everything important in the core Flashpoint title, but it bummed me out seeing Booster have so little impact. That said, there was something sad and fitting about Booster forgetting his new gal pal and the entire world of Flashpoint. He’s going to forget about his best friend, his teammates, and his status quo, why not forget a crossover too? And at least Dan Jurgens got to say goodbye.

(Do you like how bitter I am about the upcoming reboot? It is coloring my opinion on every DC book I read!)

Rick Leonardi draws most of the issue (apart from Jurgens’ closing pages). I have always liked Leonardi’s work, but I’m shocked how great his Booster Gold looks. The costume has a neat weight to it that I really enjoyed. I’d love to see him doing more in the DCU.


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