Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DC Retroactive: Green Lantern 1990's

I love it! The retroactive books have finally made it to my formative years with the DCU, the much-maligned 1990’s. Just as I was at the close of Kyle Rayner’s run in GL, I’m amazed at how effortlessly Ron Marz can get back in the head of Kyle Rayner. He’s my favorite GL, and seeing him dorking around while on JLA monitor duty and mocking his bad guys was fantastic; it was so nice seeing it again.

Kyle faces down Effigy, always the “evil mirror” version of Kyle Rayner. Effigy is back and justifiably ticked that the Controllers have been messing around with him after Kyle turned him over (I vaguely remember that from the original issues). Kyle is pretty irresponsible in letting his ring charge run down, but hey, this is a flashback of his rookie days in the league.

This book has another big win too; Darryl Banks on art. Banks was THE Green Lantern artist for me during the 90’s and it is wonderful seeing his detailed and well-researched constructs again. Banks’ constructs still hold up as my favorite of all-time, and he has a wonderful variety of them in this one-shot too.

I’m pleased that this really does feel like a “lost issue” of one of my favorite runs.


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