Friday, August 19, 2011

Justice League of America #60

James Robinson at least gets to turn off the lights on his run of the JLA. This era never connected with me. Robinson fills this issue with another "almost" storylines, including rampaging robots, a Thanagarian invasion (and team-up with Jemm, Son of Saturn), and some magic hoodoo with Amethyst. None of these ideas seem like they would have riveted me, but there are some decent ideas there.

I guess Robinson would have had the Atom and Saint Walker join the team, and having the Atom would have done a little bit to make this feel more like a real Justice League. The closing lines of the book address that very issue, when Donna Troy wonders if anyone will remember this era of the JLA and what they accomplished. NightBats says it doesn't matter, but I think he's saying that because he knows no one will care. I think this is going to go down as a Detroit-era run of the JLA, when the team was filled with also-rans and fill-ins who kept the big table warm for the return of the top dogs.

Another poignant moment hits when Donna Troy wonders if anyone will remember her. With the reboot coming, and no sign of Donna in those solicits, I think there is a good chance she's getting wiped out along with Wally West, the JSA, and Ted Kord. (So much for Jesse Quick's pregnancy, a neat idea we'll never see develop.)

Daniel Sampere brings an appropriate sense of grandeur to the closing of the book. I wasn't blown away by his art, but everything is clear and actually draws a fair amount of backgrounds.

And now it's time for the marquee team. Bring on the new 52.


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