Saturday, August 6, 2011

Captain America: No Escape TPB

What a fun trade. I had been concerned that Ed Brubaker was going to undo all the changes that Baron Zemo has gone through over the last few years, but what he actually does is so much better. Zemo is a shade of grey all his own. He’s mad about his father’s biggest achievement (killing Bucky) getting undone. And to make matters worse, that upstart is the new Cap!!!! No wonder he’s upset. That’s the motivation for Zemo’s great, manipulative scheme to destroy the new Captain America.

Steve Rogers and Black Widow may be hanging around and trying to give Bucky some help, but Zemo’s got his number. So rarely does the villain’s plan actually come together, I took great glee in seeing Zemo manipulate and plan every move Bucky makes.

Bucky really does work well as the new Captain America. Brubaker has done an amazing job making him into a viable character on his own, and in my greatest concession, I think Bucky is a better part of Cap’s world than Nomad, the man Bucky killed.

Butch Guice does a great job with the art. Brubaker’s run has had a consistent artistic look and palette from the start, and this is another wonderful chapter. How awesome is Zemo’s new armor? A lot of great Cap villains have gotten nice overhauls during this run.


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