Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #62

Wow. Kyle Rayner is a real d*ck. I’m fuzzy on the details, did he proclaim his true love for Soranik Natu before or after he “died” during Blackest Night. Before, right? I suppose it isn’t a bad thing to try and move on with his life, but wow, Soranik has every right to be enraged at the biggest pimp in the DCU. And since the Lantern titles are one of the two areas of the DCU not getting rebooted, I suppose we might see some fallout from this, especially since Tony Bedard is writing Kyle in the New Guardians title.

I do have a bit of a problem with the idea that the Star Sapphire gal would attack a helpless planet just to try and get Kyle and Soranik back together, but I suppose the Sapphires have never been to rational. It’s odd, they had sort of skewed towards the “good” end of the color spectrum recently, but they really seem to belong more in the “crazy” prism.

Is it too easy to make a joke about the last name of the penciller having no vowels (HDR)? Ok, then I’ll just say that the art was pretty clean and that he has potential.


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