Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Hulk: World War Hulks TPB

What fun! No one will mistake this for high art, but this is certainly entertaining. This is the trade that has the big reveal of the Red Hulk’s identity. It makes a lot of sense, and it actually adds a lot to the long-term relationship it alters. (Some folks have expressed some concern about the Red Hulk’s hair being different in his normal form, but hey, if Stan Lee can have Ben Grimm’s hair disappear when he becomes the Thing, it’s probably ok.)

I did enjoy Doc Samson’s brief moment here. I hate the idea of “Samson,” so any backdoor to return him to his heroic status would be fine with me. When the Intelligencia opens up on the Avengers, Samson expresses some doubt that they are doing the right thing. So maybe there’s hope!

This trade includes a wonderful flashback as we see the Red Hulk (in his non-powered form) and his history with the green Hulk. These two guys have had a long and fascinating story, and having top artists return to draw these “missing” chapters was a real treat. (Especially Ian Churchill doing a fair Todd McFarlane impression. Churchill is a chameleon!)

Jennifer Walters gets a brief moment to shine too; I wish it was more, after the poundings she’s taken in this series, but I guess I’ll have to seek out the new She-Hulks trade to see that.

Other artists joining mainstay Ed McGuiness include Tim Sale, Sal Buscema, Dale Keown, and John Romita JR. Talk about stacking the deck! This thing looked fantastic, it was a joy seeing the Hulk’s history condensed so well.


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