Monday, July 18, 2011

Booster Gold #46

Poor Booster. He may be the only guy besides Barry Allen who remembers the real DCU, but he's spent this entire crossover too busy to do anything about it. With evil General Adam controlling (and loosing control) of Doomsday, Booster is just off in a corner of Flashpoint doing his own thing. Other than being called an Atlantean, he really hasn't interacted with the main plot. And I do like Dan Jurgens' new character with absorption powers, but giving her a code-name would sure help. I guess Alexandra is ok, but she'd be easier to remember with a cool suit and name.

There's not a lot going on here that didn't happen last issue. Remember how Booster was running away from Doomsday? Now he's chasing Doomsday. That's about it!

The art in this is interesting. Dan Jurgens' work defines Booster, no doubt about it, but Ig Guara does a fine job too. His stuff is almost looking like Stephane Roux's in some of these panels. Of course, everyone Guara draws is scowling, so that's something that will need to change if he wants to continue that Roux comparison.


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