Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guarding the Globe #5

Man, the delays between issues are really hurting this book. I can barely remember what's going on, and in a Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno book, the plot continues pretty tightly.

I really like Brit's new team of Guardians, but things aren't working out so well for some of the newer members. Chupacabra is drunk and responsible for the death of a teammate, and another member is lying about his age. I did like the little nod to Bulletproof moonlighting for Invincible's security company, but I have no idea about other elements of the plot. Has Outrun's weird behavior been foreshadowed? Why should we care about Pegasus and Le Bruiser? I'm afraid that there might be too much going on for me to remember with the big delays between issues.

I hope the delays aren't because of the art. Ransom Getty's art when he inks his own work is quite dynamic. I've met the guy at a few cons and he's really good, I hope he gets more regular book, he's got a nice, clean style that works nicely on team books.


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