Friday, July 22, 2011

Daredevil #1

What a gorgeous cover.

I had been on the fence about the new Daredevil series for a couple of reasons. First, the premiere issue is $3.99, and I'm not picking up any books where that is the regular price. Fortunately, this title drops down to $2.99 starting with issue 2. My next issue is that while I own a ton of Daredevil comics, he's really not one of my favorite characters. He never connected with me the way some of my other favorites have. And yet, Daredevil has had some awesome stories over the years. Mark Waid is solid and Paulo Rivera and Marcos Martin do nice work. So I grabbed it.

I'm glad I did, this is a solid, fun super-hero that feels like a debut while still paying homage to what has gone before. Waid is writing DD as a bit more carefree than we last saw him, but that's a choice the character is making to deal with the anguish of his past. I love it. The opening battle with the Spot was fun, but the swashbuckler's kiss DD plants? That's a hero enjoying his job. Matt Murdock might still need to figure out where he belongs after his return to New York, but I think Daredevil is doing just fine.

Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera's art is wonderful. This comic is filled with little details that make it work. When the Spot opens a portal under DD, he falls backwards and uses his billy club to hold himself out. The sound effects are loud and present through the whole book, so we can see things the way DD does. There are dark panels where we see even more clearly through the "eyes" of Matt Murdock.

This is going to be a fun series!


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Martin Gray said...

Best DD since the Karl Kesel days!