Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flashpoint #3

I'm having a really hard time turning off my brain and enjoying Flashpoint for what it is. With all the DCU reboot stuff coming up, I still say I would have liked a bit more of the "real" DCU, a chance to say goodbye to the characters I love in their current incarnations. But I have to admit, Geoff Johns really puts the pedal to the metal this issue.

Cyborg is finally back in action after being totally absent in issue 2. He seemed important back in issue one, and he lives up to that image here, he's part of the new "JLA" in Flashpoint, and he certainly fits in well. Barry Allen and BatDad are the other two founders, so it's a dynamic little bunch. I will say that the return of Barry's powers this issue certainly makes issue 2 seem pretty pointless. In general, issue 2 is looking like a waste of space, more of an advertising issue than any actual plot development. This issue doesn't share those problems.

Everyone probably knows this is the issue where see the Flashpoint Superman, and wow. That guy has it rough. Poor Kal-El is missing the parents, upbringing, home, and powers that we know so well, making him sort of a spooky enigma.

Andy Kubert's art is dynamic and exciting, and seeing his Barry Allen makes me wish I could see him drawing more "classic" looks. His designs for new characters are pretty great, with Ms. Hyde being a new possibility for the mysterious white-haired lady in the new Justice League.


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