Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: The Moth 0-2

Steve Rude recently expressed an interest in working on the DCU relaunch, and I had just happened to see this in my longboxes, so I decided to crack open The Moth and see why I bought three issues but never finished the series.

The Moth Special, 1, 2 - It turns out it is the writing. The Moth's design is absolutely fantastic. He's got a Kirby design and feel, sort of a mix of Spider-Man and the Beetle, maybe. His origin as a carny is a little played out, but still, you can't mess with that look.

The writing isn't so hot. The issues are written by Rude's friend and inker Gary Martin. Unfortunately, the dialogue and odd plots do make this feel like he's sort of learning as he goes. There are good bits mixed in, but the story never feels believable. SELL

Rude's art is simply beautiful. Can you imagine him working on a New Gods series? Or The Demon relaunch? We can dream, I guess!


David Charles Bitterbaum said...

In regards to your first and last comment about imagining Steve Rude working on DC properties. This is going to be upsetting, but Steve Rude didn't just express interest--he outright actually asked DC if they had anything they wanted him to work on as he was looking to get back in the "work-for-hire" game. I read this on websites that are pretty reliable like Bleeding Cool, and they went on to say that DC pretty much completely ignored him and shut down any idea of having Rude do any work for them.

Timbotron said...

I know, I saw those same articles. It's just stunning that DC wouldn't be interested in using him.

That's the part about the reboot that I find so insane, other than Scott Lobdell and DnA, it is all the creators that worked on the books pre-Flashpoint!