Saturday, July 30, 2011

Justice League of America #59

So this is how the Justice League of America ends. James Robinson kicked off this storyline in an exciting fashion, but somewhere along the way I just plain lost interest. Was it that the fight was set on the moon in Alan Scott’s crazy elf city? Was it the lack of leading characters on the League itself (although the Atom tries to argue against that AGAIN this issue). When a series has multiple big-name guest-stars constantly saying “wow, the leads in the book are really good and deserve our respect!” that usually means they don’t deserve to be the leads.

This just barely dodges one of my recent pet peeves; winning the fight because its time. Saint Walker did succeed in setting Eclipso’s mind at ease last issue, giving him a nice little fantasy to dream about while the League pummels him until he turns back into Bruce Gordon. That’s it. Just lots of punching and hitting. And remember how the moon broke? Well, the League fixes that off-panel after Supergirl returns to the lineup (she’s been busy appearing in Action Comics and fighting Doomsday).

I’m sorry, but at this point, why should any of us care? None of this ever happened, and the story itself has been rather flat. Robinson even returns Obsidian and Jade to their old status quo, negating a 10-part story from earlier this year.

Daniel Sampere has a cleaner style than we’ve seen in this book recently, more like Fernando Pasarin than Brett Booth. I’m not complaining, the art looked a lot more consistent and folks looked more on-model.



Martin Gray said...

Surely you don't want poor Todd and Jenny left in comics limbo, unable to go near one another? Cold ;)

I think James Robinson did a good job on a DC book where he apparently wasn't really allowed to do anything. I've been enjoying this book for the characters and relationships, though the plot-heavy stories have been good too.

Good on the JLA for fixing that moon, I say!

Timbotron said...

Especially since moon-fixing seems to be such an easy job! Why not spend a lazy afternoon fixing a moon?