Saturday, May 5, 2012

X-Men Legacy #264 & 265

I didn’t really expect to enjoy this story as much as I did, but Christos Gage packed enough emotional punch into the generic story to make this entertaining.

Weapon Omega, the ill-conceived mutant who killed Alpha Flight back in the day, has been looking for a place to fit in for awhile now. I suppose it only makes sense that he’d hook up with Mimic, the 6th X-Man back in the day. The two of them seem to be looking for somewhere to fit in, the problem is that Omega is literally a ticking time bomb, about to blow up and do a whole lot of damage. The story unfolds pretty generically; the expanding threat is a neat idea, and I like the use of the Beast as team scientist.

I’m even more pleased that Mimic will be sticking around. He was a fun character back in the Exiles series, so maybe this incarnation has some untapped potential too. I have faith that Gage will make Mimic into another interesting cog in the X-Men faculty-machine.

I definitely got a vibe from Mimic and Omega. I don’t remember either having a girlfriend or anything, so I this didn’t strike me as being a timely retcon or anything, just the fleshing out of some under-used characters. Was the emotional bond between the two more obvious to other folks, or am I reading into it?

I will say Gambit needs to toughen up. He's not going to retain his bad-boy image very long if he keeps following Rogue around like a lovesick puppy!

The art is solid enough, but I’m still not enamored with the whole look of this title. Legacy has been saddled with above-average artists, but not much more than that. I think part of the problem is those fantastic covers by Mark Brooks. I wonder what a more classic-looking artist could accomplish with these characters.


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