Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hellboy: House of the Living Dead HC

This is a slight read. It’s not that it isn’t entertaining, but I’m a bit annoyed at the price point. In fact, it’s the price point that made me pick this up from the library rather than buy it myself.

It was a tough choice. I always love Hellboy, but Mike Mignola has outdone himself with the whole Hellboy in Mexico concept. Hellboy working with luchadores to wipe out supernatural evil is a concept I can’t get enough of. I will never be satisfied, regardless of how many adventures we see of HB trolling around South of the border.

In this trade, Hellboy is coerced into a wrestling match facing down a reanimated dead man. Built from scraps, this Frankenstein is more than willing to throw-down in the squared circle. Naturally, the creature was brought to life by a mad scientist and his hunchback companion, but Mignola is out to hit all the tropes.

The scientist’s servant is a werewolf, and there is an old vampire on the property too. It only makes sense that the vampire’s crypt would be haunted by ghosts. How much can Hellboy take of these classic movie monsters?

It’s a fun little yarn, but Richard Corben’s stellar artwork makes this book sing. The wolf man’s transformation is probably the high point; it’s a fantastic three-panel run as he gives in and gets furry. The lady ghosts are almost hot, at first, but of course, they get real ugly when they decide it’s time to get Hellboy.

Again, if this was a one-shot or other, cheaper format, I’d be all over it. For now, I’ll just hope it gets wrapped up into a future trade.


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