Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Secret Avengers #26

It’s always enjoyable to see super-heroes who are “different.” Captain Britain was never really a favorite for me, too generic. But I absolutely love Rick Remender’s take on the hero. The guy is powered by his self-confidence, that is, the more he believes in himself, the more powerful he is. A guy like that literally CANNOT stop to think things through. He’s got to go with his gut, and always believe it is going to work. The awesome thing is that a hero like this is basically always set up for failure.

Remender plays up this fascinating dynamic by setting the scene with some nice opening moments. Beast and Cap Britain have worked together in the past; I never thought of them as close, but it makes sense they would hang out in anticipation of a suicide mission. I also dug seeing how Thor and Valkirie spent their last free hours: getting hammered.

Ms. Marvel, Protector, and War Machine are also on the mission, but Rhodey gets taken out fast and I think the Kree-affliliated folks will have a lot more to do next issue.

Renato Guedes’ art is beautiful. It’s a lot more sketchy than I’m used to in my mainstream hero comics, but it works well in this context. The art has an almost BPRD-esque feel to it. The Phoenix Force, the ships, and the space backdrop always look impressive. I also appreciate that Guedes draws Beast in his ape-form. The X-office can fight it, but everyone prefers the original look.


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