Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Invincible #91

Robert Kirkman loves riffing on the classics, and it seems he’s about to put Mark Grayson through yet another common super-hero problem. He holds back until the last page, but it’s a lot of fun seeing it pay off. This development does make me wonder about Dinosaurus’ reaction next month. He was sort of working towards good when he respected Invincible’s strength. What will happen now?

That’s not the only development in this issue, in fact, Mark has a pretty limited role. We spend a lot more pages with Atom Eve as she seeks out her boyfriend. I’m not sure why we’re getting so much time with Bulletproof in his civilian identity, but I’m not complaining. He came off as a jerk last issue, so much of his “smoothness” here is suspect, but I find myself wanting to believe in the guy. I’m sure he’s just weak, not necessarily evil; after all, we know he’s a brave dude. I think he just digs Atom Eve’s thickness since his normal girlfriend is a bit smaller. He just needs some variety! He’s a complicated guy; just look at his caption “Artist, lover, and new Invincible.”

Ryan Ottley is making Eve bigger now, isn’t he? I’m not sure what the statement is, if there even is one, but it’s interesting. This has got to be the most zaftig heroine in comics, perhaps ever. She’s still as tough and likable as ever, though. I absolutely love her battle armor when she suits up to take on more Viltrumites. Oliver is starting to look like a bad ass too, with his long hair and extreme heroics. What is his codename again?

This is simply serial storytelling done right. Kirkman delivers every single month in this book, and it’s consistently at the top of my reading stack. Even though nothing huge happens that issue, I’m still gonna tag it with high marks just for consistency.


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